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Sketchbook Art

Here are a few pieces from various sketchbooks I've had. Each book has a different feel. I tend to like sketchbooks with brown pages but sometimes I can go for a nice crisp white sheet(especially if I'm messing around with highlighters).


Brown Sketch Book 2007- 2010

Sometimes to pass the time, I go to the Backstage and Culver City with my browk sketch and some pens and I just sip away on a tasty beverage and I sketch and chit chat with the locals.


White Page Sketchbook

Here is my other sketchbook, nn which, I can throw down without the necessity of a neutral value. Good times.


Spiral Notebook Highlighter Jamboree

I got this notepad at an E3 one year at a Autodesk 3D Max Demonstration. I just started sketching in it and couldn't stop. I also just had a set of highlighters with me and put them to work. The trouble with highlighters is that they're never as bright once scanned. I did what i could to reacquire the vibrance in Photoshop.


MiniSketchbook - This is a tiny sketchbook I got as a gift for my birthday one year. I got a kick out of it's size and just tried to do only more finished stuff on it. I also just got to mess around more with Faber Castell Markers and my favorite felt tip pens.